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    3 cuestions about mcafee internet security 3 preguntas sobre mcafee internet secuirty

      Im spanish native if you can answer me  on spanish i will be happy thanks




      First : What means mcafee intenret security analises in search or "invisible programs". What are "invisible programs"?, are they rootkits? i ask you that because my another security product dont analise in search of rootkits


      Second: What site advisor version are included on mcafee intenret security. I ask you that because when i  install t he suite it cames whith the free version and i want to know if i can activate the live version features like hide the tool bar on ie and use google as search motor or need to buy "live version" or i can activate it whit my user name and password what i use to mcafee intenret security


      Third: Is posible changue the configuration of full system scan and how can i restore it? or its predefinited? I ask youi that because i perform a personalizated analisis but at the end says "full analisis end" and im worry to changue this configuration.


      En español


      Primero quiero saber que significa que mcafee analiza en busca de programas invisibles, estos programas invisibles son los rootkits?, esto lo pregunto por que antes tenia otro producto que no analizaba en busca de rootkits.


      Segundo: Qué version de site advisor viene con la internet security? es la live o la free?, lo pregunto porque al instalar internet security 2013 vino la free y no puedo cambiar el motor de busqueda ni ocultar la barra de herramientas. Podria activar las funciones de la version live con los datos de suscripcion que usé para intenret secuirty 2013? o tendria que compar site advisor live?


      Tercero: Creo que cambié la cnfiguraciíon del analisis completo como podria reestablecerla? o esto es imposible porque dicha configuracion viene predefinida?. Lo que sucede es que hice un analisis personalizado  y al finalizar me dijo "analisis completo finalizado". por eso temo haber cambiado dicha configuración.

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          1.  I assume it means it searches for hidden processes that may be malware.


          2.  Your suite includes basic Siteadvisor.   SA Live is only included in Total Protection and All Access suites.


          3.  Yes - go into SecurityCenter > Virus and Spyware Protection and change your settings.   I think the term full analysis refers to the end result of any scan.





          1. Supongo que significa que busca procesos ocultos que pueden ser malware.

          2. Su suite incluye básico SiteAdvisor. SA vivo sólo se incluye en la protección total y todas las suites de acceso.

          3. Sí - entrar en SecurityCenter> Protección contra virus y programas espía y cambiar la configuración. Creo que el análisis de término se refiere al resultado final de cualquier análisis.


          Sorry I speak no Spanish, I used Google Translate






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            I have both suscription: 1 Internet security 2 site advisor live for 6 moths each one. I want to know what i need to do to use live. Someone on the support says me i need to install internet security custom install whithout site advisor live and affter install live whith the same suscription data. Is that rigth or its probable i present incompatibility problems?

            thank you Ex Brit on

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              If you use the SA-Live download on your Internet Security it will overwrite the regular SA with SA-Live.  So just simply install the SA-Live and it will work.


              If you want to do it properly you would go to Control Panel and uninstall using the Custom option and only uninstall SA first.   Then install SA-Live, but installing as above achieves the same result.