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    Why won't a transferred machine stay transferred?

      I'm experiencing a problem where I transfer a machine from our current ePO server to a new ePO server and it seems to work, however after a time the machine stops communicating with the new ePO server and starts communicating with the current ePO server again.


      Our current server is ePO 4.6.3 and the new server is 4.6.4. 

      Both servers are running the same version of the McAfee Agent, 4.6.2935.

      All AH-SSL keys were exported from current and imported into new.

      Both servers have their own DB and the new server is registered with the current server.


      I've been selecting a machine and performing the "transfer system" action, selecting the new server, and then doing several "collect and send props" on the machine.

      I see it disappear from the current system and appear in the new system. I can wake up the agent, I can perform "run now" tasks on the machine from the new server, everything appears to be OK.

      A time later (last night it was 3 hours, today it seemed to be about an hour) I notice the machine is back on the current server with a recent "last communication" time and the new server still shows the machine with a slightly older "last comminication" time. Once the machine reappears in the current system any/all functions done from either ePO server always result in the data reporting back to the current server.  (example: performing a wake up from the new ePO server will cause the "last communication" time to update on the current ePO server only)


      I'm not even sure where to look to figure out what's going on.

      The Agent logs on the machine don't appear to show anything related to a transfer from one ePO server to another. Searching the log for the ePO server name and/or IP always returns info from the current server and never the new server.



      Has anyone run into this before? Is there some configuration step I missed? Why would a machine that seemed to be successfully transferred to a new ePO server suddenly stop talking to that new server and run back to it's old server?


      Thanks in advance

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          Looks like the problem was related to AD sync of the system groups.

          A transferred system would remain on the new server until an AD sync on the old server brought the machine back in, forced a reinstall of the agent with the old ePO info.


          I disabled AD sync on that one system group to test, transferred machines to the new ePO server and waited until after the sync job. Everything stayed transferred so I enabled the sync again and sure enough on the next run the machines were pulled back into the old ePO server again.