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    Will ePO still do updates/installs if machine hard drive goes to sleep


      Hi everybody.  We wanted to try to use change some settings on our PCs so that we could save energy, and wanted to set a disk timeout using the following commands.


      POWERCFG -CHANGE -disk-timeout-ac 60

      POWERCFG -CHANGE -disk-timeout-dc 60


      My only concern is that if i have the hard disks turn off, that ePO won't be able to do its updating/installing of things during the middle of the night.  Does anyone know if ePO will wake the hard disk to do its stuff?

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          I would have expected that such behaviour would be controlled at a lower level than the application and therefore be transparent.

          At thend of the day though, you may just have to test it to see.





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            Greetings rjo98


            There are 2 ways that I can recommend you do to achive this task. Know that I am not going into water down details but simply how to do it or what to do .


            Theory one use the Wake up Lan Feature:


            • Enable Wake-on-LAN in Your BIOS, then Enable Wake on Lan in windows. To enable Wake on LAN in Windows you must
            • right click the My Computer icon then click on Device Manager (note if its windows xp you find Device Manger in the Hardware tab),
            • Find your network card in the list, right click it and select the propeties,
            • Got to the Power Management tab , tick the checkbox right next to Allow this device to wake up the computer.
            • After that Head to the advanced tab and look for , Wake up from Shutdown entry which should be at the end of the list then change to on.
            • After that in the Advance settings still Look for Wake Up Capabilities set the value to Magic Packet.
            • After pressing the OK button you would be ready to use the Wake ON LAN feature which would wake the computer up taking it out of its power saving sate (had disk asleep etc)


            Theory  two


            If your using Mcafee ePO 4.5 and higher there is a product you can use called ePO Deep Command in which it provides and secure, remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. ePO Deep Command utilizes the  Intel® vPro™ Active Management Technology (AMT) to achive this task.  Using Intel vPro AMT, ePO Deep Command enables secure remote access regardless of the PC’s power or encrypted state so that security administrators can remotely remediate compromised systems, enable energy-saving initiatives, wake systems.


            If you already have the product and never use it i suggest you deploy it and use it for its an highly usefull product.