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    Blue screen



      • - Win XP Pro, SP 3
      • - McAfee Total Protection


      Dec 10.2012  - 11 pm

      1. Manuell start for complet scan
      2. Option: Shut down computer after scan, if all ok


      Dec 11. 2012 - 09 am

      1. New start:
      2. Blue screen - "CONFIG_INITIALIZATIN_FAILED"



      ??? ???



      Start auch im "abgesicherten Modus" nicht möglich.

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          Moved this provisionally to VirusScan because this is happening after it initiates the shutdown.  Until an expert comes along all I can suggest is to contact Technical Support so they can troubleshoot it directly.  I suspect, but am not sure, that when VirusScan shuts down the computer it actually hibernates it rather than completely shutting it down and there have been reports of BSOD's on waking from that state, but support had to work on it each time.


          Technical Support is free by phone or online chat and available through the link at the top of this page, either Useful Links or McAfee Support.

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            The message is Microsoft Stop Code 0x67 and may be caused by faulty RAM or other hardware, or a corrupted driver - see

            - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/windows/hardware/ff559126(v=vs.85).aspx

            - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/317053


            There are other possible causes - see

            - http://www.xpheads.com/forums/microsoft-public-windowsxp-help_and_support/9202-s top-0x00000067-config-initialization-failed.html

            - http://davidwgreen.blogspot.co.uk/2009/04/configinitializationfailed-stop.html


            When you get a BSOD Windows creates one or more dump files. The minidump file is in C:\Windows and can be used as input to Nirsoft's BlueScreenView to give you some idea of what caused this.


            For more see

            - http://mikemstech.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/windows-crash-dump-analysis.html


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              there was no hardware error on my DELL desktop pc. The system was checked completely.


              I´ve reinstalled the os Windows XP SP3 .

              The system is back.

              McAfee Total Protection was also reinstalled.

              (The start menue looks in a new version ? But this is ok.)

              But  now there are 2 new problems:


              1. My notebook didn´t found any network (" Kein Netzwerk gefunden" / "No network found")
              Also on this notebook McAfee Total Protection was reinstalled.



              2. The same function on the desktop is searching for the network  (Ihr Netzwerk wird geprüft, bitte warten Sie .... " /  "Your network is checked, please wait")
              I waited for more than one hour  without any results.



              I made the following experiments:
              McAfee reinstalled on both the laptop and the desktop computer.
              The errors remain.




              Note: Until the 10th December 2012 it all worked well.mcafee _ configuration.jpg


              By the way:Before I turned to the community here, I wanted to McAfee Support by phone on 11 Contact December at 15:40.

              I received the notice that I had to wait round about 10 minutes.
              Ok, I explained the problem in the form: got the service number 993177856 and the german phone number 06966404330. When I called, I got the hint that I was going to call after business hours.

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                I would call them back HERE and give them that number 993177856 and ask for escalation of the issue.

                I don't use a network myself so am not really qualified to speak about it.