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    Top 25 Subnets - Unknown Subnet


      Hi Everybody,


      I ran into a weird problem. Just upgraded to ePO and RSD (Extension and Sensors). Everything works handy-dandy, except in the Detected systems, I have Unknown Subnet - Kazillion Rogue. The Unknown Subnet is and the Ignore button is grayed out. I tried to Add Subnet wih and the ignore that particular (manually) added subnet, but still IPs are pouring in to Unknown Subnet.


      What do I need to do to get rid of this Unknown Subnet? (Tried reinstalling the Extension, no luck)

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          Got it...


          1: Add that subnet - (Not the, but the subnet where computers are being detected at, e.g.:

          2: In the cover/uncovered list (depends on) ignore that manual addition.

          3: Delete all the systems belonging to that unwanted subnet under the unknown subnet. (They will not reappear again)


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