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    MVM Scan of MS ISA Servers




      We are having issues trying to scan a number of Microsoft ISA servers and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to configure the scan template?  The issue we have is that the scan triggers the ISA defence and put the ISA server into lockdown, now we are assuming that it must be possible to scan the ISA servers as they are just normal Windows server at hart but I need to know which setting to turn off to enable us to scan the device.



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          Hi Telco,


          Check the documents section in this community for the MVM 7.5 Best Practices Guide.


          That should give you a good start.


          I hope it helps!

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            Thanks for the reply Cgrim,


            But sadly the MVM 7.5Best Practices Guide is not muchhelp at all and we actually used the old version of this guide to create our originalscans and the new one is not really any more informative.  I can’t believe that it is not possible to scan an ISA server with MVM as ISA is a very common device and this would be a big gap in the report for any medium to large company.


            Comeon McAfee, it is Christmas after all, the time when miracles happen so it wouldbe nice to get an answer.