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    MOVE AV Multiplatform Client no connection to VSE and Offload Scan Server



      im trying to connect a Multiplatform Client to a VSE + Offload Scan Server.


      I use vmWare vSphere ESXi5.1 environment.

      On virtualServer1 the McAfee Agent and the Multiplatform Client are installed

      On virtualServer2 the McAfee Agent, MOVE AV Offload Scan Server and VSE8.8 are installed.


      Everytime i try to enable the MOVE AV Agent with the comand mcadm enable the status of the server turns after a few seconds from [Connecting] to [Unavailable].


      Is there any special configuration on the Offload Scan Server ?


      Thankful for help!




      on 11.12.12 07:31:11 CST