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    HIPS 7 FW rule - cannot edit !?


      I have a problem on one of my ePO Servers.
      The server is running ePO 3.6 (*) and HIPS 7.0. (Not sure whether this post should be in the ePO Threads or here...)

      I recently modified two HIPS/Firewall rules and added specific rules for a program. The Program was identified by path (no fingerprint). Thing is the "path" actually only contained the program name, so I updated it to hold the entire path. After I did this, the rule became "uneditable". Whenever I open this rule, I get some unidentified IE script error and a blank screen.

      So now I can't edit those two rules.
      I tried duplicating the rules to midiy them, it didn't work.

      Anyone has an idea about this problem ?


      (*) I know ePO 3.6 is old, I'm trying to update all old DFW 8.x users to HIPS so I can upgrade the server.
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          You didn't inadvertently update Java on that server, did you?

          I had a similar issue with the Trusted Networks policy after Java was updated on the server. It was fantastic; after adding a new network and clicking save it completely wiped the policy and made it uneditable. That brought a couple thousand machines to their knees pretty quickly.
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            Thanks for the answer.

            I don't think so...
            Just checked and Java is at version 6 update 7 (1.6.0-07), so quite old.

            I've opened a case with McAfee since this is a big problem here.
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              go back to Java 5...hips policies and epo361 have serious issues with with Java6...

              Thankfully in epo4 you won't have to worry about java...maybe one day java will go away completely!
              • 4. Problem solved, somehow.

                Thanks, in the end, it wasn't Java... I suspect it was a DB error somewhere(*).

                The only workaround I found was to rewrite all those rules...
                Had to use a laptop to see what the rules actually were as I couldn't even view the rules on the server... Then rewrote new rules copying the old ones. Luckily I only had about 20 different rulesets.

                I managed to also merge a few special cases so as to have less different rulesets. And I did learn a bit about HIPS in the process (also found some weird things, see other thread on localhost handling).

                Problem solved, somehow (**).

                (*) I had "DB Full" messages on this server, so I purged and cleaned the evenst from the DB.

                (**) I'd opened a case with McAfee support about this. After three days, they just closed the case and considered it solved, even though they never provided any solution :mad: