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    Ipad fail to get mail when use activesync


      Hi all,


      i just install EMM 10.2 everything works fine except the email configuration.


      I can't get mail from I-Pad use email configuration of EMM, I look any discuss and guide, I try Final Active Sync Troubleshooting Guide for EMM.pdf but no hope.




      I see this erorr on the mail server log

      POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas User=admin&DeviceId=ApplDYVHPTBJDJ8T&DeviceType=iPad&Cmd=Search&Log=V121_RpcC14 _RpcL15_Ers1_Pk0_S111_Error:DeviceNotProvisioned_Budget:(A)Conn%3a0%2cAD%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cCAS%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f1%25%2c AB%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cRPC%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cFC%3a%24null%2f 0%2cHash%3a31437268_ 443 TESTLABVN\admin Apple-iPad3C1/1001.403 500 0 0 46


      100.2 is my Email server, 100.9 is EMM Server


      I supects the cause is my email server, any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated

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          I wouldn't worry to much about the error use gave a screenshot of in emm.  Those are pretty common.


          A couple places that i would check first are:  Is your email server configured for active sync?  Is your mailbox enabled for active sync?  Do you have activesync provisioning limited to specific device IDs?


          Are you using exchange?  What version?  Are you able to connect to exchange and provision with activesync directly if you bypass emm?

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            Hi Mat, i have the same error. 


            Mail is configured for active sync. 

            we are able to connect to exchange but Mail dont use a certificate verified by godaddy for example, instead use local certificate.  Can EMM work with this way?

            Mailbox is enabled for active sync.

            Exchange 2010. 

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              From the ActiveSync (AS) log you provided on your post, it looks to be that AS is the one rejecting the command:


              Cmd=Search - 500 0 0 46


              If you look for additional commands the EMM Proxy is sending to your AS server, you might see additional 500, 403 error messages.


              There should be no problem with certificates since the proxy should be configures to send info on port 443 (which it is).




              From your screenshot, the FolderSync is something you should be concerned about. The one you can ignore are "Cmd=Ping"


              Look over your IIS logs again to see what the HTTPS return codes are for the device you are testing with. See if you get the same type of error code (the Proxy usually reflects the same error AS throws out)