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    Device Driver Blocked. Any Ideas?




      I keep receiving this message everytime I load up my laptop. What is it? and how do i stop it from happening.


      I have searched for the filebut I doesn’t exist.



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          Whatever it is it's not a driver, at least not one you want to keep. Run a Full Scan with McAfee (get the latest updates first) and then a Full Scan with Malwarebytes Free. Something's created that file and is trying to activate it, and if it's being blocked it may be malware.


          When you've done the scans get CCleaner and clean up your disk. Make sure all the boxes are checked for those applications you want to be cleaned up, but leave the boxes for Windows log files and McAfee unchecked.


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            Thanks for the response.

            Ive already tried the CCleaner before and it didnt help. Today I did a full Malwarebytes scan, then restarted. But the same issue is happening.


            How do I find out what this file/driver is? or can i stop Mcafee from telling me everytime i start my laptop.