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    Moving ELM storage device


      I believe this is related to the "Best Practice ELM Storage" discussion.  My IT department is moving the NFS mount point I use for a storage device and increasing its size.  From reading an earlier discussion on Best Practice for ELM Storage I understand the process is as follows:


      1. I stop my Receiver/ELM (I'm using an ESM/ELM combo box)

      2. IT moves data to new location (having already defined it and given me the required information)

      3. I change ELM storage device and storage pool configuration as required (IP address, path, size, etc.)

      4. I start my ELM


      During this process I'll loose any new data (not a problem).  I also understand I don't have to reload the old data once it's moved.  The ELM will recgonize and automatically reload the old data.  Is my understanding correct?