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    Offline mounting of encrypted disks?

      It would be extremely beneficial if there were some way to provide the key file to mount a drive via USB or through Windows PE for disk recovery tools for offline malware scanning and file recovery. Is there any way to do this?

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          In your product downloads under Endpoint Encryption (Latest build) - There should be a zip file to download called EETech.zip


          In this, there is folder called WinPE and inside that are EEtech files... these can be copied into a PE build and used for just what you asked... I have only used it while booting from the affected machine into ta PE disk, so that the hard drive that needs diagnosing is disk0, but I am not sure what else is supported now.


          So to summarize:

          -Download the EETech.zip file

          -Take the contents of the EETech.zip file and bake them into a PE build that you make just for disagnosing EE.

          -Load into the PE you built, and as long as you supply the code of the day and the xml file for the drive, you should be able to use any file explorer to browse to the C: drive to see if there are any documents available


          We ended up getting our McAfee tech to supply us with a McAfee PE disk to use that had A43 File management and registry functions baked into it as well as the EETech tools... I can't share it, but the process is easily replicated now that they are providing the EETech tools!