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    Traffic Controller resets to "Smart Access"


      OS: Win7


      McAfee SecurityCenter

      Version: 11.6

      Build: 22.6.435

      Language: en-us

      Last update: 12/9/2012


      McAfee Personal Firewall

      Version: 12.6

      Build: 12.6.186

      Last update: 12/9/2012


      The issue I've started having (or just noticed) is that the firewall setting "Traffic Controller" will reset it's self to "Smart Access".  I havn't been able to determine what exactly causes it to reset.  Definently reboots and turning off/on the firewall manually will cause the issue.  But some times it will revert back to "Smart Access" on its own when the pc is idle.  No other options seem to be affected in this way.

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