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    Stop Usefull Info Pop Ups


      On all the pc's running mcafee today i received another annoying new pop up that we are forced to close. We do not want these advertising and pop ups and should be able to opt out of the spam. We do not want it. it is annoying and intrusive. Attached is a screen capture.

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          Peter M

          We Moderators have made McAfee fully aware of peoples' concerns about popup advertising.   The answer we get is that it's a common industry practice and that the competition does the same.  While that does not make it OK I agree with you, it's annoying, however it is easily dismissed.

          There is the argument that it helps keep costs down, although I find that nebulous at best.

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            Thanks for the responce, but their answer that everyone does this and it cuts cost down is not true at all. This is a product that i purchased and should not be forced to unsolicited pop ups. There is not one piece of software that i own that does this. Some software when you first start their program will give you a helpful tip, but there is am option to never show this again, which most people use. If Mcafee wants to be like the other companies as they indicate, just give us an option to opt out. Today a received another pop up, for selling their product that two days in a row. Also their hints and advertising (or what we call spam) does not fade out  like the other mesages they will stay there until they are confirmed. If they keep this up i will use another virus protection that does not do this, which others dont .

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              Peter M

              Agreed and we have asked time and again for an opt-out, in vain I'm afraid.   It appears from our viewpoint that the pop-ups are most prevalent on the basic suites and especially those provided by 3rd parties; ISP's etc.


              I have All Access which is the topmost one and have never seen a popup except when my subscription was about to expire or a reboot is required to complete an update..


              All I can suggest is that you suggest an opt-out mechanism in the Product Ideas section:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas





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                Thanks Again for responding and i will make suggestions. I pruchased Total Protection 3 users, so this wasn't a same version or free version of any sorts, that what is annoying. It does come and goes and i would understand renewell notice. But the other are unwanted advertising. I will follow your suggestion to add a suggestoin in the home ideas.

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                  Peter M

                  OK, good luck ;-)


                  We Mods are on your side 100%.