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    Custom SiteList.xml Inside FramePkg.exe


      Is it possible to use a custom sitelist.xml inside framepkg.exe?


      My problem is that I have 100 Agent Handlers. On the sitelist sent within framepkg, my central epo server is the last of the list.


      So, it takes a long time until the newly installed agent tests very single one of my 100 agent handlers until it trys my central epo server.


      I want my central epo server to be the very first of the list.


      I can't user handler assigments here because assignments only work after the first comunication.


      I'm talking about the very first communication.


      Can I Edit the sitelist.xml file epo uses to generate de framepkg.exe?

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          try this one:


          go to your ePO Install Path: ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409 (windows Agent)

          ! make backup of the directory !

          edit the sitelist.xml (leave only your epo Server)

          Save the sitelis.xml

          run the WStub32.exe to compile new framepkg


          same for linux and macos Clients but just different Agent directory



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            Excuse the question, but 100 agent handlers is an enormous number - why do you need so many? I'm concerned that you may run into major problems later...


            Thanks -



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              Diver and Joe!


              Thank you very much for the reply! I'll test it this week.

              I have 100 remote location with very limited bandwidth. Since I can't accelerate SPIPE comunicaction with my Bluecoats, I decided to use one agent handler per location and accelarate the SQL traffic between the handlers and the database server.


              What kind of problem may accour?

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                Ouch - that's what I was afraid of. I'm afraid in the situation you describe agent handlers - especially a hundred of them - are the worst possible solution.


                Agent handlers require a high-speed, low-latency connection to the SQL server. Because all the agent handlers share the same database, if one handler takes a long time to do its job (because of the poor connectivity), then while that handler has a lock on the database, none of the others can do anything - even if they have very good connections. So just one AH can have a massive impact on the whole ePO environment.


                If you haven't already done so, please see the AH White Paper: PD22508 . This describes AHs in more detail.


                In the limited-bandwidth scenario you describe, however, 100 agent handlers is (if you'll pardon the phrase) a recipe for disaster.


                Sorry to be the bearer of bad news


                Regards -



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                  Sorry to revive an old thread, but this is precisely the question I have.  How can we create a FramePkg.exe without all the distributed repositories enabled by default? 


                  When a FramePkg.exe is created via the GUI, all SADRs are enabled by default (with the ePO server at the bottom of the list).  Then, when the agent is installed on a system the agent ping checks every SADR on the list.  However, we have 30+ SADRs distributed geographically, but not all sites can communicate directly with other sites.  So, the agent attempts to ping check 30+ SADRs with them all timing out.  Eventually, this portion of the agent communication process times out before the list has been exhausted, leaving the agent in a broken state. 

                  We would rather distribute a FramePkg.exe file that has only the ePO and its Agent Handlers on the repository list, and, after the system has been sorted, let the assigned McAfee Agent policy set the SADR priority list.


                  I have attempted to utilize the process outlined by Diver, but I have not had any success with the WSTUB32.EXE portion.  Are there any arguments that need to be included?  Launching it both from command line and double clicking it leads to no discernible action. 


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                    Ok, got this figured out with the help of Platinum Support.


                    The directions are similar to what Diver posted above, but with a critical change:


                    Navigate to the ePO install directory and navigate to \ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\    direcotry


                    Copy the 0409 folder to some other location.  (You will work out of this copied folder)

                    Edit the sitelist.xml file to reflect the repository changes you wish to make.  You can either change status from 1 to 0 for individual SADRs or you can remove them altogether

                    Save the sitelist.xml file

                    doubleclick FrameworkPackage.exe

                    Ensure that the Framepkg.exe file has a new timestamp

                    Test the framepkg and ensure the agent performs as expected.


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