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    McAfee Internet Security problem:  Real-Time scanning will not turn on


      This week I got a brand new computer, and upon setting it up I installed McAfee as I had an active sub with some licences left on it, so wanted to make use of it.


      However, I am having an issue with Real-Time scanning.  I keep getting pop ups telling me that my computer is at risk.  When I click for more informatoin and open up the security centre, everything is green apart from "Virus and Spyware protection", which is displaying a thinking/working icon next to the text "Real-Time scanning: starting".  When I open this section, it tells me that RTS is off, but when I open that sub-sectoin to try and turn it on, I get the text "please wait whilst we start Real-Time scanning" and the optoins beneath are all greyed out.


      I cannot use the Virtual Tech, as it is not compatible with my operating system (Windows 8), my computer is brand new and I installed McAfee as a first port of call before doing anything else so I doubt that a pre-existing virus/malware is the issue.


      Please do help, I'd rather not leave my computer open to potential infectoins for any longer than I absolutely have to!


      Many thanks in advance


      P.S.  Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section of the forums!

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