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    Weird computer behavior - New Infection? Artemis!ADB10CF255A0

      Last weekend, something set my computer's clock back to February 27, 2003.  Didn't think much about it because I have update-to-date McAfee Virus Scan.  2 days later, something deleted every privilege from my All_Users shared My Documents folder under Permissions / Security.    Computer is also running slower.  Prcesses are high and CPU Perf is maxed out a lot.  I have since performed the following actions:

      • Made sure I had the latest McAfee update
      • Ran a complete McAfee FULL scan - Results no findings
      • Reviewed the McAfee Community for help
      • Downloaded Stinger, ran as Administrator, Very High, Report Only, for full C:\ - Results found two botential Artemis hits (WINBEJ.exe from a Bejeweled game directory and DPSLIB2.bin from a PinnicaleSW load) .  Then ran as repair in just the two directories.   Probably a fake hit for the bin file because I loaded the Pinncale Studio myself.  In retro-spec, lessons learned, I should have renamed this file to .qar or something in case I really needed it verses letting Stinger delete it. 
      • Downloaded MalWareBytes and ran FULL scan.  - Results only found 2 potentially unwanted modifications (PUMs) to the registry for Microsoft windows firewall and Update.  Appeared by have special character in the middle of the names.  Neither I'n sure casued all these issued
      • I have also re-instated Directory permissions because of need for those files.


      I am now dead in the water.  Since I no longer have access to McAfee Chat (I found very useful which has since been buried under a Log in now and in order to get a log in you need a Grant # ???), I'm turning to the community.   I have yet to determine if Aretmis was my culprit as I have not found what this trojan is suppose to do, limited documents on it that I have found.


      Should I run GetSup for the McAfee team?  Any advice would be appreciated.


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