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      I've had McAfee for years and EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to go in, Delete the Folder I moved to a sub-folder and then the desktop.  Since 2009 Tech has said this will be on Next Years list to fix and ITS NEVER GOTTEN FIXED.  In Jan. 2013 I run out of McAfee subscription on all my machines and its HELLO NORTON!  I'm tired of VIRUS LIKE BEHAVIOR FROM a Company that's supposed to protect me FROM VIRUS LIKE BEHAVIOR!  Its totally bullsh1t.  They just don't care is the only option you can draw.  I've seen them say "its not that big a deal," "don't worry about it," etc.  It's my fracking computer, I want what I want and as much as I love McAfee's program, I'm sick on being disregarded.