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    Why does Windows power settings terminate a full scan?

      My Windows 7 power settings include shutdown/hibernation after 2 hours (of inactivity). My last scheduled full virus scan looked as if it would take 8 hours or so and I decided to leave it to run overnight. When I came back to the PC the following morning, I found that it had shut down at some time during the night without completing the scan.


      This surprised me as I had assumed that a scan would not count as inactivity. Thinking about it, I remembered that I had checked the options

      1. to run the scan in the background.
      2. to close down after completion .


      On the assumption that a Windows power setting would not override a running task and in the knowledge that option 2 was under the control of McAfee itself, I am left to conclude that option 1 was the problem. Can anyone confirm that running the scan in the foreground would solve the problem? Or is there a known fault in Windows 7 power settings that make the problem insoluble?