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    Encrypting Laptops when connected to docking stations




      Has anyone come across the below issue?


      I have been encrypting some laptops which have been connected one by one to our network via a USB docking station.  The docking station has its own MAC address.  The issue I am seeing is that because the docking station has it's own MAC address each laptop that is connected is picking up the same IP and MAC address in EPO and wiping the previous laptops password recovery information from EPO.


      I have modified the matching criteria to use MAC/IP and DNS name, but i'm not 100% sure this is working either.  Any ideas?


      Another issue I would like clarification on is, quite a few laptops are not connected to our corporate network very often, so after 30 days EPO removes machines that haven't been in contact in the time frame.  When EPO removes these laptops, does the recovery information also disappear?