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    Registering a Key Code for Total Protection 2013


                   can anyone help me , i have just purchased Tital Protection 2013 and installed it  on my pc , but i have the following problems with registering it


      (a) When it tries to make contact with McAfee.com it just sits there with the timer going for about 10 ten minutes , then the timer disapears

      (b) If i Right click on the McAfee icon on the toolbar to try and get it open all i get is a white blank rectangle .


      Would someone please help me as i only have 15 days to get it registerd



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          It seems that you have purchased consumer version.






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            Peter M

            I removed the phone number Sathish gave as it is inapplicable in this case, and moved the thread to Consumer > SecurityCenter.


            Blank SecurityCenter is caused by a JSCript reading error and there's an easy fix for that:



            Solution number 1 HERE.


            Or here it is spelled out:


            Solution 1

            If McAfee SecurityCenter displays a blank screen, it may be caused by an incorrect registry key that references jscript.

            Download, unzip, and then Run as administrator the script that fixes this.

            1. Save any work. The script will ask you to reboot your computer when it completes.
            2. Click the following link and save the file to your desktop:
                  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/mcscriptfix.zi p
            3. Unzip the file you downloaded.
            4. Open the new folder.
            5. Right-click mcscriptfix.bat and select Run as Administrator.
            6. If prompted, click Yes in the User Account Control box.
            7. As this script runs, a black CMD.EXE (DOS Prompt) window opens. When prompted, Press any key to continue... and the CMD.EXE window will close.
            8. Restart your computer.



            Now as far as your other problems go, what is your operating system and service pack and are you up to date, including the latest version nof IE installed at its default settings and up to date along with all its add-ons?    I ask the latter because many applications, McAfee for one, use IE regardless of which browser you may have a preference for.   Also how do you connect to the web?


            Technical Support is free by phone or online chat if you need them and linked under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.








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              Peter M

              By the way are you trying to register by entering a key online at http://www.mcafee.com/mavw/retailcard ??