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    Unable to start manual OnDemandScan and unable to start onDemandScan from epo


      Hello Communities,


      first, let me introduce myself shortly:
      I am working with epo and VSE since several years right now (since Version 3.5 of epo) and normally everything working smoothly with mcafee products.


      We have about 3 Installations in several Companies running right now and figured out a problem which seems to be on all Environments we manage.


      1) Backround Information:

      Epo-Version: 4.6

      VSE Version: with Patch 2 -



      Issue: Unable to start OnDemandScan manually:

      - starting mcafee virusscan console

      - choose Task >OnDemandScan>Selecting a Name for the Task>Leave the other settings like they are>hit start>nothing happens

      Testet Operating Systems: Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 Pro Client, Windows XP Client


      Issue: The same as Above, creating a Task withhin epo 4.6


      I have no Idea, why this issue happen and what the problem with this Funktion.

      We cleaned the mcafee framework installation frminst.exe /remove=agent

      We cleaned the mcafee vse installation

      we rebootet the machine

      we installed all possible os updates

      we are using a domain-administration account to start the task


      so my questions: how can i solve this issue?


      This issue happens on all testet systems.


      Best regards