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    Permission Set ePO Error


      ePO 4.6.3.  Trying to change a permission set for a group.  Specifically, this error pops up every time I try to modify the McAfee Agent permissions: "Unexpected error has occurred" and connection is reset.  Able to determine this is the orion log entry when the error occurs:


      2012-12-06 15:53:42,333 ERROR [http-8443-Processor1019] error.HTTPErrorHandler  - An unexpected error occurred:

          status code: 404

          web application url that resulted in the error :/favicon.ico

          servlet name that resulted in the error: default

          username of user who submitted the request: <USERNAME>

          ID of user who submitted the request: 5

          javax.servlet.forward.request_uri = /favicon.ico

          javax.servlet.forward.context_path =

          javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path = /favicon.ico

          javax.servlet.forward.path_info = /httpError.do

          javax.servlet.request.ssl_session = <TRUNCATED>

          javax.servlet.request.cipher_suite = TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA

          javax.servlet.error.request_uri = /favicon.ico

          javax.servlet.error.message = /favicon.ico

          javax.servlet.error.servlet_name = default

          javax.servlet.request.key_size = 256

          javax.servlet.error.status_code = 404

      2012-12-06 15:54:20,910 WARN  [Timer-10] sensor.EnterceptAlertChannelClient  - IS-log: Host disconnected: <TRUNCATED IP ADDRESS>


      Anyone seen this before and know how to fix?  Can go further in to error log if required.