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    On rhel 6 cleint, getting "Indeterminate" scan results - any ideas ?


      I have an RHEL 6 client that I'm running a policy san on - this works on another client and I've compared the service account setup on each and they are the same - sudo access is correct - password is correct etc.    The commands that are run on the clients show that they are the same until it "stops" on this this non working client.  This post relates to my post regarding client scripts.  Is it advised that I check logs on the Foundstone console ?



      Currently dont have access to these logs but will get it and I plan on looking at those today as well, but any information on this will be extremely helpful....


      TIA, moses+ada

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          The daily logs would be a good place to start, but by default they aren't very verbose.


          To troubleshoot SSH Login issues, you should turn on the Shell Module Tweak on the engine, and re-scan.


          Run Regedit

          Navigate to

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks] (for 32-bit host) or

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks]  (for 64-bit host)

          ** if the key "Tweaks" doesn't exist, create it. **

          Create a new DWORD value called "LogShell" value 'ff'


          Re-scan, and examine the logs for any specific errors.  If you're still having trouble, then you should open a Service Request.


          I hope that helps!