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    Install of EEC 6.2 blue screen after first boot

      We are running Windows 7 32-bit Professional on Solid State Disks. We install the ePO agent on a device via a deployment task (command line) and ePolicy is configured to push down VScan, HIPS and EEC based on compliancy.


      VScan and HIPS install fine, but when EEC is installed, we'll get the initial username/password screen at boot followed by a very quick blue screen. It lasts less than a second then reboots, advising that Windows Startup Recovery is launched. If you ignore that and boot normally it all works fine, very weird!


      Is this normal behaviour? We never saw this with the old SafeBoot products. Even though the device is configured to write DMP files, this doesn't produce one for some reason.

      Thanks in advance for any help.