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    What is BOCVSE__1000 ?

    Hemant Koli

      Hello Everyone.


      I want to know what is BOCVSE__1000?


      Actually when i am updating my VSE It's showing me the below Error message in update logs.

      Error occurred while downloading C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Current\BOCVSE__1000\DAT\0000\PkgCatalog.z.

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          It is the package name behind VSE's access protection content file, named VSCAN.BOF.

          We have the ability to update it via the common updater site. We have not done so for years, as there are other methods we're using to update that content.


          You'll find more on this and even that specific error message in our knowledgebase, but in brief, it's a benign error and can be ignored.