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    Same Problems as others are having


      Good evening,

      I am having the same problems as apparently a lot of other people are having.


      About a month or so ago, there was a Windows Critical update.  My McAfee prescription, current through March of next year, also updated around then.

      From my relatively new (less than a year) old Windows 7 machine, I could no longer get access to internet, even though every other computer in the house could.  Just this computer.


      I used a System Restore to go back to a point prior to the Windows or McAfee Update and viola, I got internet back, but then lost it each time Windows update installed patches.

      Tried shutting off all updates.  No luck, updates still happend.

      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee.  Would not work.


      Contacted McAfee On-Line Help.  Had one of the technicians (IMU) take control of my computer.  Tinkered with a few things.  Case file 484570-984387227.  Told me to reboot, reinstall McAfee from my on-line account and I would be all set.

      Did that.  No such luck.  Score now Virus 1, McAfee Support 0.


      Did some more on-line research.  Could not reinstall.  Was told to try the Virtual Technician.  It could not find or fix the problem.  The hyperlink on Virtual Technician which would have me re-install the software, was dead.

      Score now Virus 2, McAfee Support 0.


      Went on-line again.  Got a different technician (Sijish P.S.).  Again took control of my computer.  tinkered with some stuff, mostly chkdsk.  Was told it was not a McAfee problem and I would have to contact Dell, but no indication of why.  This was under

      service request number 484570-984387227.


      Score now Virus 3, McAfee Support 0. 


      So, what next?  What virus has embedded itself in my system such that McAfee cannot reinstall itself.  I have tried both of the McAfee removal tools (1 and 2).  No luck.


      I am awful nervous using this machine without virus protection.


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          The FAQ dealing with Internet Connectivity Problems is listed here:  http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS101507

          The Virtual Technician is here:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If you think your have a virus that's possible.  No antivirus is 100% guaranteed.  Download Stinger and malwarebytes Free, both in the last link in my signature below and run those.


          Meanwhile is this Windows 7 SP1 and is it totally up to date, including any parts you may not use, such as Internet Explorer?  (That should be 9 and its add-ons all shoul dbe updated too as various components use IE regardless of which browser you use).


          Do you have any other security software installed?


          Any other indication of infection?

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            None of the stock solutions seem to work.  I will try your other suggestions.

            There is no other anti-virus software on my computer.

            It is Windows 7 SP! and is fully up to date.

            No other indications of infection.  Everything else seems to work perfectly.  I can install other software, just not McAfee.

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              Try my suggestions as there could be malware which singles out antivirus software and stops it loading.

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                Still no success.

                Followed your file suggestions.

                the GetSusp program found nothing.

                Stinger found nothing.

                AntiMalware found one suspicious program PUP something.  Removed it.  Rebooted.

                Tried re-installing McAfee Security Center.  Does not like Antimalware program.  Removed it.  Rebooted.

                Tried re-installing the McAfee software from my on-line account.  Would not reinstall.  Said I should run McAfee Virtual Technician.

                Ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  Could not fix the problem.  I always end up at this screen.


                MVT Screen.jpg

                The "update now" looks like a hyperlink, but nothing happens when I click it.  The Problem Log states that a Product Update is Required.


                Next steps?

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                  According to that you have McAfee installed but it needs updating.  When reinstalling, in these case at least, it's best to uninstall completely, then run the MCPR cleanup tool and make sure it's a fresh download  (link under Useful Links at the top of this page), reboot and reinstall from the online account.   Yes the installer doesn't like Malwarebytes but if you tell it to ignore it it should continue.


                  Make sure your operating system is totally up to date and that your system clock is accurate both time and timezone-wise.   Also make sure that Internet Explorer is totally up to date along with all it's add-ons.  (For XP it should be IE8 for Vista/7 IE9.  That is important whether or not you use IE as your default browser.   Many applicatgions use IE regardless of settings and McAfee is one of them.


                  Try it all again and before running the installer run the McPreinstall tool:  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe


                  If this continues contact Technical Support, it's free and available by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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                    Score is now Problem 5, McAfee Support 0.

                    Windows 7 (IE9) is fully up to date, all updates installed.

                    This morning, I ran the MCPR2 tool which fully removed all McAfee products from my computer.  Kept the PreInstallToolLog.txt file if you need to see it.


                    Logged in to my McAfee account.  Downloaded the software.  Screen looked like this.

                    mac screen 1.jpg


                    Software downloaded without issue.  During the download it looks like this.


                    mac screen 2.jpg




                    After the dowload, the software tried to install.  Ended up at this screen, telling me the install is incomplete.


                    mac screen 3.jpg


                    Downloaded and installed McAfee Virtual Technician. 


                    Virtual Technician found 2 errors and AutoFixed.  Rebooted at the software's prompt.


                    MVT came up after the reboot with this screen.


                    mac screen 4.jpg


                    MVT cannot resolve the Product Update Required.  The hyperlink labelled "Update Now" is dead and does not work.


                    So, what next?  I have followed all the instructions given, yet I always arrive back at this point.  What is preventing my software from re-installing?  I am getting tremendously tired of this problem.



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                      I went through the notes from the case 484570-984387227 this is the result, the agent has done a disk scan on your machine and found some errors in your hard disk so he suggested you to contact the computer manufacturer to reinstall the Operating system. Did you contact the Computer Manufacturer ?


                      However, I would like to check the McAfee logs on your machine. Please navigate into the below location and check for log MFEhidin.log and update the same in your next post


                      Enable the hidden files & folders using the below link


                      Go to the location C:\Program Data\McAfee\Mclogs

                      Get the MFEhidin.log

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                        Just a thought: MCPR2 (the name) indicates a very old version of the cleanup tool.  Make sure you always download a fresh copy of it from the support website.

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                          Ex-Brit:  I have tried all forms of the MCPR tool and have always gotten it fresh from the web site.  No luck.



                          I have not re-installed my operating system.  I don't really want to go through all the hassle of re-installing all my software when the McAfee software is the only software that I have an issue with.  Nothing else is a problem.


                          I have tried to find the MFEHidin.log file that you reference, but it is no where on my computer, even after making sure the hidden files are shown.

                          The Mclog subdirectory contains four subdirectories:  Common, ETW, MasterInstallerPDU, and McInst.  The file you reference is not in any of them.



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