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    Using MVM together with LanDesk for patch management


      Hi there,


      Has anyone tried integrating LanDesk (patching solution) with MVM? The general idea being that MVM "feeds" LanDesk with a list of systems that require specific patches, and Landesk the applying the required patches. Does LanDesk read XML?





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          In our environment, going from vulnerability detection to remediation strategy has, in general, been rather non-trivial, and not something we could easily automate.  Your environment may be different.  In any case, you'll want to look at the non-superceded patches vulnerability sets in MVM; in my experience, this will give you better-quality output with regards to Windows and Adobe patching issues.  Also see other discussions about remediation on this discussion board.


          You may also want to look at the ticketing features in MVM; you can 'export' a ticket, which produces email; that could be something useful for integrating MVM into your remediation workflow.


          We do use a patch management product for our desktop windows systems.  MVM provides a nice check on that product, in that MVM can discover systems that haven't been added to the patch manager's inventory, and can detect vulnerabilities in software packages not managed by the patch management product.  MVM can also detect configuration issues that aren't specifically patch related.  We have also detected more complicated patching issues (via MVM) that we have had to remediate by hand.


          I have not used LanDesk, but a quick google produced the following LanDesk strategy for dealing with vulnerabilities/missing patches detected via another product. See under "Vulnerable machines not showing as detected", about half-way down the screen.