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    Clean Logfiles with ePO


      Hello together,


      we had a VirusScan installation loop, because of this there are more than 2 GB Logfiles in C:\Windows\TEMP\McAfeelogs...

      Is there a way to clean this folder with the ePO Server?


      Did anyone has the Produkt Builder Tool for ePO packages? With this program i think i can build a automatic script, what cleans the folder.


      Thank you for your response.


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          ePO packages are signed by McAfee, so I suspect this is a path you will probably not be able to walk down.


          What you can do though is register an executable with the ePO console.

          You can then link that executable so it is launched as part of an automatic response rule.


          Perhaps this is a feature you can leverage instead.

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            I'm not sure if I understand what you mean, but can't you just simply clean the TEMP files?


            Where do you have this installation loop? At the client machine? At ePO Server? What makes you think the logs are the reason for it to be looping?


            What you could do, depending on the answers for the questions above, is to build a custom VSE package with an script to clean this folder after the installation completes (and this is something that I'm not sure that would work).


            ePO is capable of cleaning it's own database, but as for TEMP logs, what rackroyd said would be a possibility, a script or executable that would clean this folder running as a Server Task or Automatic Response.





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              sure ist ist possible simply to clean the temp flies. The problem is, that i haven't all log in informations for the different servers.


              there was an installation loop on the clients. the client tried every 5 minutes to install virusscan 8.8.


              i cleaned all temp files with a script.


              the program i was searching for is this one: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-3401

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                This loop could be caused by a schedule for Deployment tasks, have you checked this?