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    Disk Space use under C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\AMContent\content\avengine\med


      Hi There,


      I am running McAfee Total Protection.

      Recently I have noticed under "C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\AMContent\content\avengine\med" McAfee is creationg directories every day with few .dat files and each directory is occupying 50-60 Mb approx disk space.


      These directories were created in the following sequence.



      1443.0 .... so on.


      Each directory contains these three file continusly (with Approx sizes)

      medclean.dat - 9mb

      mednames.dat - 2.14mb

      medscan.dat - 47mb


      Every day one directory is being created with addition of above files under each directory.

      Previously i noticed Mcafee under "C:\Program Files\Common Files\" took around 5B but that instance i haven't investigated which file system occupied that space. and Done a clean installation to fix.

      Now i have been observing about the disk usage and found these "culprits" (may be not).


      What are these files and?


      How to cleanup them so they will not eat my harddisk.?

      is only the clean installation is hte solution.?


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