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    Groupshield not getting Policies from ePO


      We have identified an issue with a number of our mail servers where groupshield is not recieving the correct policies from our system.


      We originally idenfied this is issue after an email which should have hit a users junk folder instead hit our own Spam folder.

      After investigation, we found that our Groupshield task was no longer being deployed on our Groupshield tag. As a result, I believe that our servers we're not requesting the correct policies


      Now, I've rebuilt the task, and the machines have recieved and ran the task successfully; However, they still aren't recieving  the correct policies, and I cant see the policy being applied in the ePO agent

      I did a quick search and could not find an answer

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          What is exact version of Groupshield and what Patches/HFs are installed locally (Dashboard - Product Information) 

          What version(s) are the GSE Product Extension(s) in ePO??


          On GSE server If you open agent status monitor if available in task bar or start run <agent install folder>\cmdagent.exe /s

          Hit "Enforce Policies" Button

          You should get a list like "Enforcing policies for <product>"

          Is there an error?? Is product listed as GROUPSHD7000 or GROUPSHD7003 (or no GROUPSHDxxxxx entry at all)??

          This is recorded also in agent_<servername>.log in

          %allusersprofile%\application data\mcafee\common framework\db


          %allusersprofile%\programdata\mcafee\common framework\db

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            Hi Aiden

            first of all, thank you for a prompt response.


            If i run a policy enforcement, there is no GSE entry. The dashboard reads

            Product Version7.0.1406.110
            Service PackSP2



            And the extention version number is 7.0.716.103; Module name is GROUPSHD7000

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              Ok in the Hotfix 722781 zip file package you have you will see a series of files called GROUPSHD7003_<lang id>.zip

              These are a set of new Product extensions for ePO.

              You need to install the appropriate one for the language of ePO - e.g. english  GROUPSHD7003_0409.

              Also there is a Tool supplied in the HF zip called GSEePOUPGRADE.exe - this will upgrade your policies from GROUPSHD7000 to GROUPSHD7003 to be compatible with the new Format applied in Hotfix722781 locally on GSE server. (see "Using EPO upgrade tool" section of the readme)


              N.B. When you install the new extension it will have default policies - you need to upgrade the policies then apply those upgraded policies to your servers\groups in ePO "before" pushing policy.   

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                Thats hit the nail on the head! Thanks for your assistance