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    What causes duplicate system entries in ePO Server 4.5?



      While checking systems with outdated DAT and scan engine version, I'm finding duplicate system entries in ePO Server 4.5 and noticed the system details such as system location, ip address, mac address, dat version, last communication date, etc. are not the same for most of them. Can you kindly advise what could cause this and how to prevent this from happening in the future?


      Can I simply proceed to delete one of the duplicate entries? How do I choose which one to delete? For now, I choose the system to delete by comparing the 2 systems DAT version and MAC address. If the MAC address is a VPN MAC address and the DAT is not updated, I delete that entry. If it's a non-VPN MAC address and DAT version is updated, I leave it on the ePO server.


      When removing one of the duplicate entries, should I check the box "remove agent"? I'm not checking this as I'm thinking it might delete the agent on the actual computer with updated DAT version.


      I would appreciate your expert advice. Thanks in advance.

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          Laszlo G

          This depends if there's a duplicated system because both of them have same name or if they are duplicated because an old PC has been retired and a new computer has been set for the user (so usually with same name).


          Another problem can be preparing a bse computer with McAfee Agent and then cloning it without deleting the Agent GUID fron windows registry, in this case any cloned computer with this image will have same GUID and so will be duplicated.


          When you have 2 computers with same name just check their last communication under ePO and delete the oldest one (no need to select the remove agent option)