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    Webwasher 6.8.7 & fsck


      One of our remote sites had to shutdown their webwasher appliance as the license disappeared (separate issue!) but didn't power down cleanly (pressed power button instead of shutdown command).  They did this a couple of times before I could log on and reboot correctly.

      On reboot, the system performed a filesystem check and encountered an unexpected inconsistency on /dev/sda7 and advised to run fsck manually or ctrl-d for normal startup.


      The system started up normally and as the system has now mounted /dev/sda7, if I login as root and try and run fsck /dev/sda7 I receive a warning message:

      running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause severe filesystem damage.


      What is the best course of action?









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          Note: If the box contains critical data you should perform a backup before following these steps.


          First of all I recommend to run a reboot and simply enforce another fsck to see if the issue persists:


          shutdown -rF now


          This will perform an fsck for all partitions, so it could take a while. If the issue persists you could boot the system from any bootable live CD to perform the checks. Another option would be to boot into single user mode and trigger the check. You need console access, then reboot the box.


          When you see the "boot:" prompt type "tab".


          You will now see a list of kernels, such as


          lin-2.6.18img0 lin-2.6.18img1


          Type in the name of the kernel followed by "single":


          lin-2.6.18img1 single


          Log in as root. Now no processes are running and you should be able to unmount and check the partition.






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            thanks for this information - looks like we'll need to schedule some maintenance.

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              Yes, I would schedule some time to have a closer look at this specific box. Most likely it will run without any issues, but probably you will sleep better after you manually checked the file system :-)