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    Version 6.0 memory leak?

      Recently installed SaaS Endpoint Protection (along with other products) on a MS SBS2011 server.  The next day the server would not allow any connections and Event ID 2019 (The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty) was showing up in the Systems Event Log.  A re-boot only saw this problem returning within about 18 hours..   After using SysInternals' Process Explorer and POOLMON, I determined the problem was with Micorsoft's fwpkclnt.sys driver.  I did some searching on the web & saw references to another McAfee product, McAfee Total Protection exhibiting similiar problems.  I uninstalled SaaS from this server and this probem went away.


      We did not suspect McAfee right away as we have SaaS installed on other servers.  However these other servers use Saas ver. 5.4.XX  This suspect version is ver.6.0.


      We have a ticket open with Tech Support.  I'm curious though, anyone else experience this?