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    ORs instead of ANDS in ePO custom query

      I am getting the feel of building custom queries using the new (to me) interface. I'd like to build one to show machines with any of the following out of date SW:


      VSE 8.5

      ePO agent 4.0.X

      engine < 5400


      However, using compliance criteria or filters I can only show machines with all of these conditions, not any of them, as I can't get any "OR" operators between the conditions. I could build 3 separate reports, but don't want to show that to mgmt. I could also build the query in ePO, export it to another query tool, and edit the relevant ANDs to ORs but for now the only tool I have to work with is the ePO console.


      I could do this in ePO 3.6, please don't tell me McAfee lost this capability in the quest to build easier queries. Thanks in advance for any help.