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    Product database failed to store a record


      A week or 2 ago i installed McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.6.

      The exchange server version is 2010.


      All is working as it should, but the last couple of days i get the following message (email):


      ==== Start email =====

      subject: EXCHANGE2010: The Detected Items failed to store a record.


      "EXCHANGE2010" Product database failed to store a record .

      1. Check whether Postgres database is configured to a valid location.
      2. If this does configured properly, change the database location to a validdrive that has sufficient disk space.

      ==== end email =====


      Our exchange server is called Exchange2010...


      I used the default settings for the database location, so not a quarantine manager, but a local database.


      I checked the MSME console, and under: Settings & Diagnostics > Detected Items > Local Database: Database location: <Data Folder> | McAfee\MSME\Data\


      Checking the c-drive: C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MSME\Data\ there is a folder called MSMEData with many files and dirs in it.

      Also checked the disk space, and i have 860 GB free space left.....


      What do I have to do? Is this the right location? And if not, what is the right location of the data folder?

      Or am I looking at the wrong settings at all???


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