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    how to delete old gem and dat files ?



           I want to know how to delete old gem and dat files.   The SA has Lazy Caching enabled for almost 2 months .  Each day there is a new gem file, sometimes a dat file. Actually, there are 50 gem files and 2 dat files.

           Should EPO automatically purge the folder ?  How ?

           Can I delet manually the old gem and dat  files ?


      Thanks for your help

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          I read this in Product Guide McAfee® Agent 4.6.0  :


          SuperAgents are flushed every 30 days by default. When the SuperAgent

          flushes its cache, it deletes every file in its repository not listed in Replica

          .log. This includes any personal files you might have put in that folder.


          Why doesn't it work with my SA ?


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