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    Configuring McAfee Firewall Help

      How do I configure McAfee Firewall so I can use my wireless printer?  I need to add file paths & unblock related ports?  This is the information provided to me by HP:                         

      This document provides steps for configuring a firewall to allow a connection with the product.

      Configuring a Firewall to Allow a Connection with the All-in-One in Windows

      g the Firewall

      Follow these steps to configure your computer's firewall and components to allow communication with the product.

      Step one: Unblock all the HP programs

      1. On the computer, open the Bin folder.
        1. Start a search.
          • Windows XP: Click Start , and then click Search .
          • Windows Vista or Windows 7: Click the Windows icon (), and then click inside the Start Search or Search programs and files box.
        2. In the search box, type C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Bin , and then press Enter . Bin folder opens.
      2. Make a note of or copy the file path for each of the following programs. The file paths look similar to this example: C:\windows\system32\hpzipm12.exe .
        • hpoews01.exe
        • hpofxm08.exe
        • hposid01.exe
        • hpqkygrp.exe
        • hpqste08.exe
        • hpqtra08.exe
        • hposfx08.exe
        • If the HP software installed on the computer is version 10.0 or newer, find the hpiscnapp.exe file.
        • If the HP software installed on the computer is version 9.0 or older, find the hpqscnvw.exe file.
      3. Open the C:\windows\system32 folder, and then find and make a note of or copy the file path for each of the following programs:
        • hpzwiz01.exe
        • hpznui01.exe
      4. Open the firewall software, and then make sure that each of the programs displays in the list of exceptions or trusted or allowed programs. If any of the programs do not appear in the list of trusted or allowed programs, add the missing programs to the list manually.

      NOTE:The name of the list might vary, depending on the firewall program.

      1. If the firewall software has different trust levels or requires specific permission for a program to access the Internet, make sure that you allow each of the HP programs to access the Internet freely.
      2. OK or Save to save the changes to the trusted or allowed program list.

      Step two:  Unblocked Related Ports – This step describes how to unblock internet ports related to the product.  Each rule opens one port. So a rule needs to be created for each of the following ports:ch rule opens one port, so a rule needs to be created for each of the following ports:

      • UDP 427 (inbound)
      • TCP 9220 (outbound)
      • UDP 161 (outbound)
      • UDP 427 (outbound)
      • TCP 9500 (outbound)
      • TCP 9290 (outbound)
      • TCP & UDP 139 (outbound)
      • TCP 9100 (outbound)

      NOTE:Each port name consists of a protocol (either UDP or TCP), a number, and a connection type (either inbound or outbound). Each piece of this information is used in creating the rule to open the port.

      Follow these steps to unblock the ports by creating new rules in the firewall software.

      1. Open the network or rules section of the firewall software.
      2. Create a new rule with a descriptive name. For example, unblock UDP 137 inbound for unblocking the UDP 137 inbound port.
      3. If prompted to select the type of rule, select All IP Addresses .
      4. If prompted to select the type of IP address, select IPv4 and IPv6 .
      5. When you have created each rule, click OK or Save to apply the changes.
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          The McAfee UTM Firewall, as a network-level device, only deals with ports and protocols - not files and paths. The instructions from HP when making reference to files and paths are referring to to the Firewall software you may be running on the client PCs themselves.


          Equally, you only need to configure rules on the UTM Firewall if the printer and the client machines are sitting on different sides of the Firewall (one external one internal, for example). So if the printer and the machine(s) you wish to print from are on the same network then you don't need to apply any configuration changes to the UTM Firewall at all.



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            Phil, Thank you! I added the rules to the Windows Firewall and now I am able to print wireless.  Sam