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    Extra.DAT update


      Today I downloaded and checked in the Extra.DAT for  W32/autorun.worm.aaeb-h. I set this to install with my normal Daily Engine and DAT update client task. It did start installing on my systems and it continued to grow until DAT 6010 was downloaded into my repository. Now when I look the number of machines is dropping that have the Extra.DAT. I noticed that when the 6010 DAT got installed on the systems with the Extra.DAT installed that it seemed to remove the Extra.DAT while installing the 6010 DAT. Afterwards the machines report the Extra DAt name as NA. I looked at a log on a machine where this happened and I see that after the 6010 DAT succeeded it ran the Extra.DAT install again. When I sent a wake up to the machine it again reported that the Extra.DAT was installed. Is this the normal procedure? Thanks in advance.