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    Software checks into EPO 4.6 but no policies.


      I wanted to evaluate McAfee Security for Mac 1.2. This is EPO 4.6,so I think it should appear in the download manager as an eval. Nope. not there. So, I download it from the website McAfeeSecurityforMac1.2.zip Explode it into the three .zip files, so I can do a manual Check In.  Only the MSM120-Eval-ePO-1444.zip has a PkgCatalog.z file, The other 2 files I downloaded do not have a PKgCatolog.z. One is a dmg file, so I guess that one is to install directly on a mac. and the other is the iPO4.x extensions.zip which I suspected were the policies but it has no catalog.z file in any of the 4 .zip files it contains, so it cannot be checked in and I really have no idea what to do with it.


      So, After I check in MSM120-Eval-ePO-1444.zip, I create a Client task to deploy it. Great, done, THEN, I go to create the policies. What? No policies! The default ones are not here. There is not even a heading for it in the list box? How can I evaluate the software with no polices? How do I get the policies into EPO?