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    Upgrade of ePO Agent together with Installation of EEA and EEPC


      we are planning to roll out McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.2. For that we need to upgrade the ePO Agents on out clients from 4.0 to 4.6 first. Right now we have a client task to do this and a separate client task to roll out McAfee Endpoint Encryption Agent and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC. I am wondering if it is possible to combine those two tasks to one task with the following order:


      McAfee ePO Agent 4.6

      McAfee EE Agent

      McAfee EEPC


      I am pretty sure it would work but I would be very happy if somebody could answer one of the following two questions:


      Has it worked in your environment?

      What happens if the client which gets this client task already has EPO Agent 4.6 installed? I am assuming that the ePO Agent will not be reinstalled but EE Agent and EEPC wil be installed. Am I right?


      Thanks a lot and best regards,