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    McAfee eating up too much RAM!!


      As you can see above mcfee is eating up around 260MB of RAM in idle mode.Now my PC is pretty high end with 8 GB RAM but this looks to be a memory leak issue as after 6 hrs of continous usage it shoots up to 800MB at times.My Security Center is at 12.1.I am running total protection 2013 which I recently purchased.How do I fix this issue?

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          Me too. quad core 64 bit system running 8 GB RAM and fresh install on new hard drive of Windows 7. There are exactly 3 programs on this machine. 1.) windows 2.) McAfee 3.) World of Warcraft.


          Once a day around 1 PM McAfee mcshield.exe starts gobbling up all available RAM until it reaches ~2GB, then my PC locks up.

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            Whenever mcupdate kicks in to download the latest DAT file the memory usage increases dramatically. This is probably what you're seeing, and this is why I choose to download DAT files at a time that suits me rather than whenever McAfee detects that an update is available for download. Try changing the settings to disable automatic download and installation of updates and see if it makes a difference.

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              Is a scan happening then? Does the ram slowly increase or is it only at 2gb when scanning cab and zip files?