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    Multiple A record entries in DNS


      In my  McAFEE Sidewinder ver 8.2.1 , if i want to configure more than one entries for one domain name . HOw it is possible ? Like I have one A record against a domain , I want that another IP should also be pointing towards that same domain then how should I enter multiple entries ? I think I will edit /etc/namedb.u . What will be syntax ?

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          I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, can you provide an example?


          If what you want to do is to be able have the same hostname resolve to more than one IP address (to have round-robin resolution of that hostname) there was a trick in older versions of the product which allowed you to continue using the GUI.


          While dns records themselves are not case sensitive, the GUI does allow you to cheat by creating different A records, but simply change the case of the hostname. Having created an A record for hostname.acme.com, if you try and add another A record for hostname.acme.com the GUI will treat this as a duplicate and won't allow you to save it. But, if you change the case of just one character, this seems to be enough to fool the GUI into accepting it.


          In other words, you can create the following entries using the GUI and it will treat them as separate hosts:-


          hostname.acme.com - A -

          Hostname.acme.com - A -

          HostName.acme.com - A -


          But, when the DNS server is queried for hostname.acme.com it will then treat all 3 A records equally to provide you with the round-robin DNS resolution for that hostname.


          Hope that helps.