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      I'm having trouble with the syntax for repository.checkInPackage. Has anyone used this ?


      I downloaded an SDAT and would like to check it in. The help says the syntax as: repository.checkInPackage packageLocation branch [option] [force]


      So to check in sdat6909.exe which is in the c:\sdat folder what would the command be?


      /remote/repository.checkInPackage c:\sdat\dat6909.exe evaluation ?



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          Any parameter requiring a file name uses the file:///c:\path\to\file formatused in URLs. For the branch, you can specify any of "current", "previous", or "evaluation" (not case-sensitive).


          Note that this particular command does not accept multi-part content from HTTP POST requests so if you are accessing this through a web browser this will not work. You will need to use a scripting language (e.g. Python) to use this in that capacity. The ability for this command to be augmented to accept multi-part content is something that's in our backlog for future enhancements.