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    VSE update deployment file locations


      I recently rolled out VSE During this rollout we had extremely high I/O on our netapp. This shouldn't have been the case, because our deployed package is on the ePO server via a 1gig link. The clients agent downloads the VSE package from the ePO server and should simply install the package. The clients do have file share mounts to the netapp, which would be the only way this could have been effected, but this would have only been reads, unless the agents change a file attribute or a last access time? This leads me to my question, when I deploy an update of VSE where are the files stored on the client? My guess is this is an MSI file stored in windows/temp folder or program files/mcafee maybe? Also, what other files are modified on the client side? Is anythign in My Documents or other file locations modified? Maybe someone has already run a Bit9 of  a VSE deployment and has some extra details of what happens when VSE is updated?


      The reason this is important to me is because I need to figure out why the file share I/O went through the roof when the file I deployed wasn't on the file share and the agents should never have written to any other file locations that were on the file share when a VSE update is run....that's my hope at least.