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    What exactly do all the options in the webHelpdesk recovery do?


      What do each of the options in the webHelpdesk recovery for Safeboot do? Some are pretty obvious, some seem to overlap with others


      Reset User's Password - that presumably resets the user's password to the default

      Unlock User - this presumably unlocks an account that has been disabled from too many invalid attempts, correct?

      Change Token - since my organization uses password-only tokens this option is irrelevant to us, but I'm guessing you can change to any supported number generator/USB token here

      4.2 SP1 + Create Token - What exactly does this option do?

      Boot Machine Once - Pretty obvious what this does, but how is it different than "Bypass Preboot Authentication"? (the last option)

      Cancel Screen Saver - My organization doesn't use the screen saver options, so like "change token" this option is irrelevant to us.

      Bypass Preboot Authentication - how is this different than "Boot Machine Once"?



      webhelpdesk options.png