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    HIPS 8 Patch 2 - Signature 6015 Blocking Outlook.exe


      Is anyone else having problems with signature 6015 since upgrading to HIPS 8 Patch 2?  On my test system, I have found that as soon as I install Patch 2, signature 6015 goes nuts, blocking Outlook.exe, communicator.exe (Office Communicator), and rundll32.exe.  Outlook and OCS don't even start; this signature blocks them as soon as they are invoked.


      I have tried making exceptions for these, but so far nothing works, and they just get blocked.  The only thing that has worked is unlocking the HIPS UI and disabling IPS (or disabling the signature itself).


      I'm running the following:

      Windows 7 32-bit

      Office 2010

      McAfee Agent

      HIPS (Patch 2)

      HIPS Content