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    HIPS 6/7 on ePO 4?

      Hi all, can anyone help to confrim that McAfee has released Host IPS 6.1 extension adn Host IPS 7.0.1 extension for ePO 4.0?

      I'm planing to upgrade ePO 3.6 to 4.o. If ePO 4.0 has HIPS 6.1 extension, so that I hope I can still manage HIPS 6.1 client. Because I think...HIPS 7 upgrade would be done after ePO 4.0 upgrade in my site. Thanks.
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          Comfirmed. The latest versions on the download site have the correct extensions. The smoothest transition would be for you to upgrade your ePO server to 4.0 or you could set up the new server and point all the agents to it.

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            I will upgrade my ePO 4.0 and DB servers in new machines. In order to manage existing HIPS 6 clients and keep all original polices, should I replicate original ePO 3.6 and its DB to new machines and then do in-place upgrade on new machines?
            ePO 4.0 can install HIPS 6 and 7 extension but I don't know to migrate the existing HIPS 6 clients to new ePO 4.0 server and keep all original polices. I'm just thinking if the new ePO 4.0 server can get back all the things in ePO 3.6 or not.