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    Setting up a controled/secure external Relay


      I have a request to allow an external mailing company to send all the mail it is generating for us to our IronMail 6.7.2 server, filter on the From address of those e-mail to only allow a predefine list of «sender», and let our IronMail server redistribute those e-mail to the outside word.  That way, we can «be sure» that only e-mail using allowed From Address are sent and for our customer, they will originate from our server (  with SPF set).  I won't go in the why part... :o(


      I am pretty sure it can be easily done but I prefer to check before hitting a wall...


      Basically, it's just adding the IP of the external mail server to the Allow Relay list for the delivery part.  Now, for the «From» filter, where should I look?   Would using a Virtual Server be the key to control the mail flow and restriction?






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