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    McAfee Total Protection Blank Screen


      I just updated my license.  Now when I run McAfee Total Protection all I get is a white window in the middle of the screen.  I just went through the same procedure on a different PC with no problems.  PC with the problem is an AlienWare Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.  What gives?

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          Moved from Community to SecurityCenter for better attention.


          Also make sure Windows 7 is SP1 and that your installed version of Internet Explorer is the latest (9).


          McAfee relies on IE for display purposes regardless of your default browser settings.


          Solution 1 in the link Tony posted should fix the problem.

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            I experience the same problem. On my laptop it works fine on a dell destop, I experiende the white screen, bill.bracken metions.

            I tried all sollutions I could find on this forum.




            None worked.


            The prefious version of mcafee, witch came with my dell when I bought it, worked fine.


            Can you help me?

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              If you tried the solution 1 mentioned which seems to fix most of the poster's issues and reinstalled without getting it fixed it is best to call support at the link in useful links tab above,


              What version of Mcafee did u get when you reinstalled and whjat is your operating system?

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                Hello Tony,


                I`ve tried them all. Even installed IE10 today. But still no result.

                I'm using win 7-64. I did not reinstall my operating system but when I bought my dell i also got i previos version of macaffe witch worked fine. Becuase I had te renew my licence I got a new McAffee total protecion 3 user witch is now causing problems. I als installed it on my laptop (win8-64) and there it is working fine.



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                  Sorry for the mistakes in my English ;-)




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                    So you ran the mcpr removal tool correct? What is teh version that is causing issues if you cannot see it because of the blank screen does trying in safe mode show it?


                    Thought ie10 was not for win 7 compatible though they have a preview version. I would reinstall ie9.


                    Call support if still an issue choose 1 that is in your native language.



                    No need to apologise my typing leaves heaps to apologise about. Have a merry xmas

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                      Hi Tony,


                      Yes I ran the mcpr removal tool correct. I have Mcaffee Total Protection with Security Centre version 11.6. I can reinstaal IE 9, but the problem also existed in IE9.

                      I will call moday the support centre, Thx for your help and merry x-mas,



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                        Running Windows 7-64bit.

                        I used the following utility from Mcafee to remove Security Center.  I was not able to remove Security Center using control Panel, as requested, but his utility worked anyway.




                        After the removal utility finnished, I rebooted  After the reboot, I ran the Mcafee Security Center install. After the install completed, Mcafee worked correctly again (no more blank screen).




                        Prior to using the utility above to uninstall, I had tried running the standard install about 6 tiems or so.  Each time, the install utility would identify the existing Security Center installation, and remove it.  Then the install would reboot and continue to install another copy of Security Center after the reboot.  Unfortunatly, each time the newley installed Security Center had the same problem (blank screen).  The utility above worked the first time I tried it.


                        My problems began recently when I switched my internet service from AT&T DSL to AT&T Uverse.  My account with AT&T change then.  The old AT&T DSL account was disabled when that service was cancled (@sbcglobal.net), and I recieved a new account (@att.net) associated with the new Uverse service.


                        Both AT&T DSL and AT&T Uverse provide my Mcafee product for free as feature of my internet service.  However, I believe the old Mcafee license key, associated with the old AT&D DSL service, was no longer valid.  By removing Security Center entirely with this utility, I got rid of the old disabled licnece key.  When I reinstalled Mcafee, I logged into the Uverse page where I download Security Center, using my new ID (@att.net) and recieved a new license key.  I believe this new license key was valid because it was associated with my valid Uverse ID.


                        I am also having the same Mcafee blank screen problem on a Windows Vista 64bit system, and will try this utility there tomorrow.


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